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A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, #2)

A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, #2) - Kresley Cole

I liked it. It has some problems, though.


Pain, loneliness, unfound strength, mate, mate, mate, I must find you, found you, hate you, must have you, hate you, won't let you go...


All in all, it was a fun read even though I found myself skimming a lot of growling and mewling just to try to find some real action. There was a lot of growling and "soft feminine noises" in this one.


Lachlain was a textbook tortured hot hero. He made me burn a little bit, every now and then, and there is a boatload of sexual tension build up, albeit most is justified. Also, I'll admit I'm a sucker for the Scottish drawl.


Emmaline was a frightened, yet sassy; emotional, yet withdrawn; timid, yet passionate heroine who, of course, doesn't know the strength and beauty that lies within. I keed, I keed (not really, she is all those things BUT), I actually liked Emmaline's story arc. When she decided to go balls out she really went all brassy on those balls.


But the story line around her was so, well, barely fleshed out I guess? I mean, she's in a coven of some of the most powerful, violent and intelligent women and they can't figure out her history? They take her in yet never really understand who she is when she's this one-of-a-kind type of gal that no one has ever heard of? Weren't they ever curious? Like I say, I liked it, but it has some problems. Some of those problems can be brushed aside pretty easily, some cannot.


I don't like to skim so I won't be in a rush to add the rest of this series to my to-read list, but it's there, in the background. This is a series where its obvious the side characters will get their own stories and some of them are quite interesting. It'll be a go-to read when I don't know what to pick up next.