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Scornfully Yours (Torn, #1)

Scornfully Yours (Torn, #1) - Pamela Ann

I pretty much hate this book.


There is no reason for Emma to be in love with Carter. Carter is an overbearing, immature, possessive, bordering on violent personality. Emma was mistaking good sex for love and she pretty much admitted that.


Emma was hard to empathize with. She and her friends were spoiled little rich girls and at times I pictured the girls from The Hills and their dramatic night-club spats. *boring*


The writing was immature and the dialogue didn't fit the characters. Carter, the womanizing jerk-off soccer star is really going to use the word 'luminous' to describe Emma's eyes? And Bass' dialogue was just horrible. I also didn't like how he went from 'I won't compromise our friendship' guy to domineering 'bend over while I put my thumb up your butt' guy. Whiplash!


All-in-all a half-star star read for me. Some out-of-place dialogue, not very polished or consistent writing, and not one likable character in the bunch! Not one! I see each book in the series is about a different girl in the group. I don't think I care enough about these gals to continue on.


Oh well. It was free!