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UF, UF, UF. PNR, HR, Sci-Fi, finding a bit more YA that I enjoy. Mystery, crime, detective shit. Have recently figured out I'm not really a contemporary romance gal. I like smut but am not really into erotica. Oh, did I mention UF?

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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
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The Iron Queen
Julie Kagawa
Red Seas Under Red Skies
Scott Lynch

Fury (Otherkin, #1)

Fury (Otherkin, #1) - Anya Bast This was a chore to read. Usually my eyes and mind work together to skip over misspellings and grammar mistakes, but this was SO badly edited it made it hard to read. I know, I know, it's free and a short story but why would anyone want to release something so amateurish? There was too much trying to be packed in to a short story so nothing felt fleshed out. The characters were hardly likable and the ending felt like a mash up of several other popular PNR/UF books. I was disappointed and I can't recommend. There was so much potential there, even for a short story, and it seemed like first or second draft.