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Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep

review to come...I will continue this series with just a few reservations...


Update 9.11.13This one is a hard one for me. I liked it. I like Gin. I like Gin a whole heck of a lot. Maybe I'm just in the wrong headspace. I'm in a real Urban Fantasy place right now and some Paranormal is not sitting right with me lately. I'm actually trying to avoid PNR because I don't want to 'not like' something I might normally 'love.'


Spider's Bite sits in an 'inbetween UF and PNR' place, in my opinion. I'm so confused as to why I didn't love this book! While I do kinda feel like the story is something I've read before (or seen: Buffy), I genuinely like Gin Blanco and do want to know more about her. She is truly a kick-ass, stone-cold, tough-as-nails bitch. Shades of Kate, y'all. Shades of one of my new faves, Allie Beckstrom, y'all.


Donovan is not my fave lead man after this book (and is he even REALLY a lead man?). I think this relationship could get very interesting but I'm wary of too much drama and angst. I really, really hate overdone drama and angst. And that sex scene? WTF was that? I'm all for a girl taking what she wants but, Donovan's reaction? The fact that Donovan even gave in? 'Cause that's exactly what that bitch of a man, did. He totally gave in. A bit unbelievable for me.


Finn is a bit more interesting to me at this point. So while this IS going on my "series to continue" shelf, I'm not in a rush to get to them. I've got some other series that I'm more in love with and occupy a higher priority for me right now.


I do recommend this book, though. Honestly, I don't even really understand my 'meh' reaction to this. Maybe I'll have to re-read. Happy reading and never skim! Not even your milk!