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To Tame A Highland Warrior (Highlander, #2) - Karen Marie Moning

OK, I've been trying to organize my thoughts on this book so I could right a coherent review. Well, it's not happening.


I liked this book. I did, I promise, I ain't lyin'! But, I didn't love it. I thought Grimm was better than in the first, of course, since he's the hero here. I thought Jillian was a great heroine. Their situation was tough and I understood their reservations, their passions and their respective situations and motivations.


But GAWD was it dramatic! Tennis match anyone?


I want you,

I can't have you,

you're too good for me,

I hate you,

I love you,

I must leave,

I must stay,

you are my world,





I expect the drama in the historical romance type reads. I welcome it, most of the time. But this one, man! Whiplash!


I ended up skimming a lot, which I hate and I sped-skimmed (is that a thing?) the bulk of the last chapters. The story was good, and there were a few unexpected twists, but not enough for me to slap my knee and declare KMM the queen of my world. BUT - and here's a big BUT - KMM can write sex scenes like nobody's business. Whew, I was sufferin' from the vapors during this read, for sure, my sweetlins'. (and I can talk like that, I'm from Texas)


So, it still no Fever, no one should think it will be. I'm considering this book as a bump in the Highlander road and will forge ahead. I suggest you should too!