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I Want More Grimspace

Grimspace - Ann Aguirre

God damn this book. God damn this book for making me stay up until almost 2 in the god damn morning to finish it.  BOOK...I FINISHED YOU!

"It hurts, but then, what doesn't? Pain proves that we're alive, gives us the ability to appreciate pleasure--everything in balance, everything in its time.

You don't need to be afraid of falling, I murmur, raising my lips to his, whispering into his skin, "when there's someone around to catch you,"

"I'm Sirantha Jax, former Farwan navigator, and that's my job."

This was a somewhat quick read.  But man the ride it took me on!  

I was a bit bothered by some insta-love.  Sirantha's world, which contains a whole new set of genetics I've not encountered, helped to alleviate that, a bit.  I mean it was pretty damn quick.  But they had a reason and I went along.  

The project, however, that sounds like a whole lotta books to come!  I'm loving it.  It's reminiscent of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling world.  Completely different, but just as complex.  

I also loved the way the info-dump was dealt with.  Sometimes, I was just as clueless as Jax, just hanging on, hoping for some sort of resolution.  Aguirre's not just gonna give you all the answers, she's hoping you'll figure some out on your own.  I appreciated that.  

It's late, I can't give more than this.  All-in-all I love this book, I love Jax, this is definitely going on my 'series to continue' shelf.  Lovely, heart-wrenching, hopeful.  I give it 4 stars, there were some bad typos in my paperback that I got from my library; nothing much I could overlook most of it; and some Star Wars references that might just be me.  

Thanks, JennyJen for the recommend. Now you've added another series to my list!  (I try to sound mad but really I'm glad!)