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[re-blog from FREEBIRD]  Good words that we all need to hear every now and again...


So, some of you know that I run a positive-thinking blog.  I've been totally bombed with school work this semester and just haven't had the time (or rather, been wasting the time I have... :)) to update it, but I felt like now would be the perfect time.  My blog is mostly for me, to remember to stay happy and positive.  This particular post is all about speaking words of love to yourself, because you're important.


I think that after the "Mass Exodus" from GR and some of the craziness that has been happening to our friends, it's easy to feel down or feel like you just want to give up.  It's easy to give into the world when it keeps pushing you down, so I hope that reading this will make you want to stand back up. :)



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