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UF, UF, UF. PNR, HR, Sci-Fi, finding a bit more YA that I enjoy. Mystery, crime, detective shit. Have recently figured out I'm not really a contemporary romance gal. I like smut but am not really into erotica. Oh, did I mention UF?

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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
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Fate's Edge
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The Iron Queen
Julie Kagawa
Red Seas Under Red Skies
Scott Lynch

30 Day Book Challenge - Day 02 (catching up, catching up)

Carrie - Stephen King

A Book That You've Read More Than 3 Times


"Carrie" by Stephen King.  Well, really, almost anything written by Stephen King.  I think I've been looking for a book or author that can freak my shit out like King forever.  I've never found it/him/her/  Could be that I'm older and different things scare me now, you know like death and taxes, but could be that Stephen King just has 'that thing."


Dunno, but I love his shit.  Salem's Lot, It, Carrie, Christine, Pet Semetary, all that shit by Richard Bachman...love love love and fear fear fear.  I do not want to be in that man's head.  What was that movie...Being John Malkovich?  Would be better if it was Being Stephen King.  Creeeeeepy!