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Red Seas Under Red Skies
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30-Day Book Challenge - Day 11

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare

A Book You Hated



There's a few to choose from.  But there is one in recent memory that really, truly made me angry.  I read it all, I won't not finish unless a book completely can't hold my interest, but I was seething my the time I finished this book. I was rabid dog angry, foaming spittle at the mouth angry.  I ranted and raved til my cats just left the room, leaving me alone with my anger and that book. 


I hadn't read any Cassandra Clare before when I found this.  It sounded interesting and similar to other YA fantasy fiction I had been reading.  I had no idea about the Harry Potter fanfic Clare wrote.  By chapter 4 I was shaking my head wondering if this book was for real.  Surely this is a joke?  The similarities were glaring and jumping off the page.  Blatant, not even trying to disguise itself as original work.  I'm surprised I didn't catch flies the way my mouth was agape in utter disbelief throughout the entire book.


First I was reading Harry Potter, then I was reading  Buffy fan fic, by the end I was reading Star Wars. 


I felt ripped off.  I couldn't even give it the ol 'but it had potential to be great' line because every single bit of it was a copy of someone else's work. 


I get there's a lot of people out there that love it.  And that's OK.  If they've read Harry Potter and love that they get to keep reading about the same characters, just with different names, that's OK with me.  I just can't.  Just can't at all.