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Sin and Needles, Needles and Sins

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle

I loved the way it ended.  It read like a movie to me, which is good, I had so many images in my head after a while they couldn't even compete with each other.  I loved this ending.  I thought Ellie, Javi, and Camden all got exactly what they deserved. 


Which is not to say there were no problems.  There was some editing that was less than stellar.  Words misspelled, tenses f'd up, words repeated.  I hate when a lack of editing pulls me out of a story.  It seems like a problem that could have been solved so quickly. 


But there wasn't too much of that here. 


What there was is so much angst, so much moral dilemna, so much deciding to act quickly, in the moment, saving the moral questioning for later.  And I liked it.  It did read like a move to me, so much action, one life-threatening event after another.  Non-stop action.  I did really like the bit where Ellie had to pee.  Normally in a book/movie like this no one stops to eat, sleep or pee.  But she did, and she did it 'f' you style. 


There were some super cheesy bits of dialogue towards the end.  Really super cheese, but I don't know, if I had just gone through hell and back, touched death, would I not want to wax poetic for a bit?  I dunno.  I rubbed me both ways. 


I the end, I really, really liked this series.  It was tough, vulnerable, sexy, ugly, dirty and rough. I think this is not really the end for this couple. If we are lucky enough to get another book out of it I'll be happy.  If not, they'll forever live close to the waves.