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Red Seas Under Red Skies
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Shoofly the Delicate
Shoofly the Delicate

Shoofly has finally decided to vacate my normal reading spot for the 'top-o-the-couch' position.  Her favorite spot when licking various parts of her fur-lined anatomy. 


She's awfully cute, isn't she?  Those big cartoony eyes, all that fluff (neck pillow comes standard on Shoofly model), those fluffy feet, that pink nose and cute white bit right around her mouth.  You just want to pick her up and squeeze her, and brush her and listen to her purr. 


Yeah, you don't really do that.  Now, she's not the tooth and claw type of cat, she won't draw blood.  But she will wear you down with her mouth. 


For one, her breath stinks to high heaven.  Yeah, yeah, I've taken her to the vet, they say it's kinda just the way she is.  Her teeth are fine.  Hell, her diet is fine.  She likes her dry kibble and doesn't really beg for anything.  But that breath.  ACH, ugh, it's rough and she knows where to aim her mouth for maximum effectiveness. 


Second, her voice sounds like an 85 year old grandma who has chain-smoked cigarettes her whole life.  Now, mind you, she's only 4 years old.  She was probably the runt in her litter or she's from some super small breed of cats.  But her VOICE!  It's rough and scratchy and LOUD!  That itty-bitty little fluffy thing, so cute and snuggly...she will meow right in your ear and you'll be hearing it for hours. 


Third, and lastly, you never know when she may have a bit of poop on her.  Yep, see how fluffy and cute she is!  Oh, all that cute fur!  There's so much around her bottom and back legs, I like to say it looks like she's wearing bloomers!  They should be called poop-catchers.  I can't fault her.  She's got A LOT of fur.  And a teeny tongue.  And you all know how cats clean themselves.  But apparently she can't even get the poop to leave her teeny-tiny black hole.  She'll have just a bit, just a small bit, stuck to her bottom.  I tell ya, it's not fun to pick her up for an "against her will" snuggle and feel something moist back there.  So now I have wet wipes on hand for just such an occasion.  Fun. 


All of these things aside, I love my little Shoofly.  She's as small as a chihuahua but in her mind she's as big and as fierce as a lion.  And she does tend to rule the roost a bit.  And she never begs.  How unlike a cat is that?  You can never forget about her because her hair is on everything (I've learned it's fur when it's on the cat, it's hair when it's on your clothes) and she loves to drop on the floor right in front of you when you are carrying large and heavy grocery bags. 


This was just a little aside.  Sorry for the non-book related content.  I've had a migraine and couldn't do much of anything today and yesterday, but I had a lot of company from my little one.  My larger one Karate School is wonderful too.  He drove cross country with me from California to Michigan.  His story is to come...