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Erin's Gift

Erin's Gift - Nancy Fraser ***the HILLLLLS are ALLLIIIIIVE with the SOOUUUUUND of MUUUUUUSIC***

imagephoto The-Sound-of-Music_zps627b5923.jpg

Is this a re-telling of the Sound of Music? So it's 1920s Chicago and not pre-war Austria. Erin is "an innocent," but working and supporting herself, not a Maria secluded away in a convent. Seth is a widower who came from a good family and made good as a successful lawyer, not a Baron von Trapp from a royal family with all its trappings. Seth's first wife died and his servants love him so much, his dead wife, sorta, er, not so much. Seth has one kid, not the family band the von Trapps had. Oh and sex. All the sex that wasn't in the musical can be found here my friends.

So there's all that. I'm still liking this story.

There are TONS of quivering lips, which the man can not help but notice in the fold of his trousers. There is a TON of denial about the attraction between these two, that is wholly denied until the housekepper and the mother of the rich guy decide to step in and declare how HOLY AWESOME the gal is for everyone in the family, let alone the rich guy. There is the guy, the one and only who can be her virgin lover.God how I hate the virgin lover.

It may or may not be for you. I can turn this review into a psychology lesson about why I like some HR stories and hate others. Time, place, state of mind, yadda, yadda, yadda. There are all the silly tropes that I can accept in some stories and not in others. Nevertheless, I liked this story.